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Though the members of Adair had played together under a different name since 1993, the St. Louis-bred rock quintet formally came into existence in 2001. The lineup culled together members from several area bands, namely Rob Tweedie (vocals), Josh Goldenhersh (guitar/vocals), Patrick Baum (guitar/vocals), Matt Tuttle (drums), and Jeff Meyer (ba**, ex-Open Hand). After solidifying the lineup, they recorded the five-song EP The Permanent Bruise and relocated to California. Constant touring helped the band a**emble a strong underground following; their work ethic eventually landed them on tours alongside bands like Hawthorne Heights, Gla**eater, Calico System, and A Wilhelm Scream. With no distribution, the band sold over 7,000 copies of their EP before catching the attention of Warcon Enterprises. Adair inked a deal with the label in early 2006 and hit the road in support of Story of the Year. Performing also on the year's Taste of Chaos tour, Adair's full-length debut, The Destruction of Everything Is the Beginning of Something New, appeared that February. Summer 2006 was spent under the hot sun at the Warped Tour. ~ Corey Apar, All Music Guide

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