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Across Tundras - Song Of The Sullen Plains lyrics

Have you fell into a dream? For what seemed like years in a nite.
She rode upon a snow white steed, in her lungs winter's breath, eyes of Northern Lights.
Her song is heard all across the sullen plains whenever it snows, whenever it rains.
In her lungs winter's breath, eyes of Northern Lights.
The porch bells ring and chime, echoing long gone days and simpler times.
I fell from mountain tops, through canyons deep and wide.
Then in the whitest of blizzards, I opened up my eyes.
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In her lungs winter's breath, eye of Northern Lights.
In her lungs winter's breath.
I cried away all my diamond tears til coal fell from from my eyes.
Then with the coal a fire I built to keep me warm through a hundred black nites.
Til the Spring and the sunshine broke, and the cold sang my bones goodbye.
Goodbye, goodbye my friend goodbye,
put some ink in my arm to shine a light in your eye.
I saw you up there in the Western sky, so I say fare thee well to my friend goodbye

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