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Across Tundras - Ramblin' In The Shadows lyrics

I'm just a wanderer to all who meet me, slip out the back door so discretely.
"Lady luck never shined on me" the old man sighed.
"I always walked under shades of midnight, dodging streetlights, livin in the shadows feels like home."
"But sometimes I feel so far from home."
I'm just a wanderer to all who meet me, slip out the back door so discretely, just rambling along.
"But once I knew true love and for her heart I still long."
"I once thought about heading back to the prairie, but this load on an old back is a bit too heavy to carry."
I don't know but never tried. But I know I never learned to smile 'cus I never learned to cry.
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I was never grounded and it kept me from reaching for the sky.
"So now I sit here with more than a handful of regrets, and the damn things won't leave my chest."
"There's a tattoo for a lady, we'll call her Lisa Marie, and another from a friend who used to mean so much to me."
"They all faded with time."
"Those dirty street puddles I bathed myself in, never washed my hands clean of original sin."
"Don't mean to burden you with this story, lord knows I'm no preacher, teacher, or suit and tie."
"I don't know, but I never tried."
"Without being grounded you can never reach..." the old man said as he disappeared into the night sky

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