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Across The Border - Hag Song lyrics

I traveled all directions long before your birth
from the hill where the dragon sleeps to the sea of no return
and I met you my child, long before your birth
I am an old hag, maybe older than the earth

your fathers set the dogs on us hundred years ago
our knowledge was their fear. To have the balls is not all
you may ask yourself what happened so many years ago
we stole their children to teach them what they should know

In the name of god and a smile on their face
they raped and burned my sisters, just I could escape
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in the shade of an old oak they couldn't see my face
they couldn't see the change, they are the one to chase

From the hills of Greenland to the land of the desert sand
mankind strives for power not for a better world
with a raven on my shoulder and a fiddle in my hand
I led their children to an unknown continent

One day they will return with me ahead
with all my knowledge, my anger and my hate
they will appear in your dreams, your heart and in your head
you only have to wait, my child, now go to bed.

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