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Acrophet - Lifeless Image lyrics

Society thinks I'm on d**
No smiles, kisses, love or hugs
Working's gonna k** my brain
And cla**ify me f**ing insane
You put me through this little test
To see if I'm like the rest
Look at me with your little stare
Trust my temper if you dare
Telling me to grow up
Why can't you f**ing see
I don't wanna be like you
I wanna be just me
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Forcing me to play your game
In and all around
Driven into madness
So d**h is all I found
k**ing! k**ing! anxiously
I'm never gonna stop
k**ing all society
The bomb I'm gonna drop
I don't wanna hear your voice
b**hing all the time
You're the one we're gonna get
You think it's such a crime

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