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Acrania - Lobotomise, Dehumanise, Negate [LDN] lyrics

[feat. Jamie Of I Declare War]

They're building an army
An army of the ma**es
Slowly undertones of mutiny leak through
We see through you

We are the system dissembling itself
As each screw loosens faces are newly concealed
There are more of us than you
We stand in front of you
The many against the few

Civil disobedience as the gears grind to a halt
Dishonesty gleams through cracks in the machine you see
If this is all just a grand experiment
We might as well make a f**ing difference
So listen, there are more of us than you
You will not see us coming
We are from everywhere
Hoods up & faces f**ing covered
We stand in front you
As undertones of mutiny slowly begin to leak through

Shadows shimmer
With treason
As you

You tell us to keep our chins up
So it's easier to slit our throats

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We're tired of watching the world around ripped to shreds for an illusion of riches placed on pieces of paper

L, D, N
Lobotomize, dehumanize, negate

We see the bare bones of this thieving system
The strings pulling at this rusted machine
A self-dismantling system
Everything is failing can't you see?

Screams, despair, d**h, destruction
We're coming for you
You constructed this army
& now there's nowhere left to run
Or hide your f**ing face

We don't want your money
Everything is failing
Smoke clouds spew from ashes of what you worshipped
A dying system [2x]
Smoke clouds spew from the ashes of what once worshipped
We don't want your money
Useless sh**
Everything is failing
A dying system [2x]

Born as parts of a failing system
You bred us to fight
Now we are your system
The many against the corrupted futile few

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