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Acrania - The Depopulation Programme lyrics

Initiate the depopulation programme.

Calling all elite, corrupt and financially warped to initiate the depopulation sequence.

A manufactured raping of humanity aimed at those unfit to partake in the perpetuation of the system. The incapable will fall, the weak will fall, the servile will serve and the ignorant will remain brainwashed.

Thousands roam the streets, void of communication, forced to breathe the stale stench of disinformation.

Ma**-spread hysteria, at the birth of airborn experiments.

Man-mad disease, see's the d**h rates rise as.... Carca**es are piled high, degrading in the pollution.

Mutating into falsity you,

Drink it, eat it, f**ing inhale it. Smoke it, crave it. The populace infected with their depopulation programme.

Corpses line the street where the dictating leader had once preached his speech. A shadow painted to his face with eyes that hypnotise, charisma pouring, gushing, oozing from every f**ing orafice.

Don't dare breath the air. Don't follow the herd.
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Don't trust vaccinations. Examine population control techniques.

Examine population control techniques.

Examine population control.

So inconsistent are the puppets' persuasive lips.

Every word he mutters disgustingly shudders, slithers through the ma**es' fingertips and drips into the palm of his hand.

Trickling down the spine of evolution. Interweaving with delusions. Carried down distended pa**ages, poisoning, sickening, infecting and crippling everything, pesticidal genetical modification... The clue is in the maker. Think about it!

Stupidity shakes hands with progression.

Polluting the lungs of all creation.

Degrading nature, treat her like some filthy whore.

Bathing in distasteful acts of inhumanity.

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