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Acrania - A Trophy Of Corporate Disfigurement lyrics

Listen as this blood stained rope is
Slowly fastened to a noose
Around your trembling cervix
Staring at the black of an execution hood
The fetid taste of fear as you gulp and swallow pride
I am but a part of a well oiled machine
That splutters d**h, suffocating nations
With my unique brand of financial adornment

All around the globe
Financial leaders and their puppets
Shall succumb to ma** arrests
The crowd remain anonymous
Faceless behind comical masks
Their chants can be heard
From within the confines of this executioner's hood
Can you hear them scream?
They scream out that no amount of squandered wealth
Can buy you out of this
Your corpse will be strung up with the rest of your elite

You f**ing faceless slave to greed
It's time for you to rot
Your status as a leader is dethroned
And now nothing can save you as you surface from a system
Manufactured of delusional grandeur
Our numbers will black out the skies of every world for we are eternal
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The pinnacle of evolution and existence
Before us you are nothing
Your extinction is inevitable

Silence suffocates the crowd leaving nothing
But the sound of d**h footsteps approaching
Liar, we'll perform the extractions
Ahhh! Pain!
Pineal gland is cracked and severed
Extractions necessary for extermination
The noose slithers around your neck and you choke

Your corpse will be marked and carved
With our own tasteful brand of disfiguration
An all seeing eye branded to your forehead
Dollar signs are cut into eyelids
Briefcase packed full of bloodied money
Flung by where you hang
Oh how this fate suits you
Well this suits you perfectly in honour of our new freedom
Your skin carved with geometric artwork
Complex interdimensional patterns
So ironically scratched into your torso
Such a ritualistic touch
Ensuring you'll do nothing but rot
Nothingness corrupted soul
Let us introduce you

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