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Acrania - Despair lyrics

Always walking through
The meaning of life
Despair and agony
Until my last goodbye

There are no more words left
In these world of d**h
There are no more excuses
For not to pull the trigger tonight

Taste the steel and know what is in the other side
Taste the steel and know what is in the other side
Taste your f**ing pain

Don't let the time to heal you
Destroy your eyes to seal the pain of that remains

Now leave
Leave this world behind
Behind of all that makes you sick and makes you bleed

Now take
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Take this gun into your hands
Observe the tight line between d**h and life

You must shoot
Put your suffering down
Destroy your tears and scars forever
Take the pain away
Take the pain away

One world, one shot
One world, one shot
Take my hand I'll make you see that
There are no more words left to say

I will take your dreams and I will let you...

The sky is turning red
My eyes are full of blood
I can feel the ground, I know I'm still alive

The sound of a twisted mind
The crash of the bullet inside
Years and years of lies
Now it ends with a great smile

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