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Acoustic Ladyland - The Room lyrics

This town is in my head
But I don't feel the need to see it

The sun slowly sets
But I don't feel the need to be it

I'd rather stay in here
And find out what it takes to free it

People walking slowly through the square
With bags and cases

I'd rather sit and wonder
What stories might be branded on their faces

If it were them or me
I'd find it quite hard to change places

Detailed magic settles in
When you wonder what deeds can be broken

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And I can't help but notice

That only certain tongues must be spoken

The reflection in the window
Though is real, is just a colorful token

It past fairly soon
And I only had moments to catch it

And I couldn't help but wonder
If it would take a life-time to match it

But it came all filled with holes
And I didn't have too long to patch it

But it came all bound in shell
And it only took a moment to hatch it

Yeah, but it came thick like the earth
And I had to have three goes to scratch it

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