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A founding member of Freestyle Fellowship, Aceyalone played an important role in the evolution of literate hip-hop on the West Coast during an era when hardcore gangsta rap reigned. Following the dissolution of the group, Aceyalone embarked on a solo career that never resulted in enormous success but did allow him to maintain his revered status within the West Coast underground hip-hop scene. He debuted solo on All Balls Don't Bounce (1995) and followed-up with A Book of Human Language (1998). After a three-year absence from the hip-hop scene, Aceyalone returned in 2001 with Accepted Eclectic, an album released by the Ground Control label, which also re-released his debut album. A new label, Project Blowed, issued 2002's Hip Hop and the World We Live In and 2003's Love & Hate, the latter featuring collaborations with El-P and Antipop Consortium. In 2004 Project Blowed secured the rights to All Balls Don't Bounce from Capitol and reissued it with a bonus disc, bringing not only extra music, but reviving the album after many years as an out of print item. Early in 2006, Aceyalone released Magnificent City, a collaboration record with underground producer RJD2, as well as Grand Imperial, a limited-edition collection of remixes and other exclusive tracks. ~ Jason Birchmeier, All Music Guide

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