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Ac Mainz - On Da Roadz Freestyle lyrics


Yo I pull up on your block looking like I get paid
Blue jeans on white tee low fade
Zone out time blue cheese high grade
I'm a old school weed man Ice Age
I don't know about homeboy he looks strange
Kinda looks like he might catch man a case
Kinda feel like I might go to my base
Line up the reh teh blare for my waist
Ayo listen rudeboy its big Skrapz in the place
I f**ed up the track from the jump like a race
Yo my cd's all over the place like a trace
That ain't even all that I got it's a taste
So I had few ups and downs with the jakes
But thank god I'm still on the road I'm amazed
Yo I love my daughters, and I love their mum too
I love my mum too, Mum I can't I forget you
Yeah I'm looking at the sky, the sky's kinda blue
That don't mean I won't make it rain on your crew
Wildlife they can't tame man it's a Zoo
BG I got that likkle catchphrase from you
To my enemies them when I catch up with you
Like benny banks badda bing badda boom
I get kinda stressed when I'm sitting in my room
Life that I chose so I ain't complaining
If I had the chance right now to exchange it
Might be a straight replay of the same sh**
Still woulda went showroom and got the same whip
Said I wanna spend 10 grand so I made it
Getiing P's all over the road like a bailiff
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Pockets kinda fat but it ain't no tissues
Baby mudda always used to say I got issues
Cannabis cheese and Amnesia I misuse
Bare raps up in my head like the Hindus
Family I just wanna blow like the wind do
Listen up close rudeboy man a genius
I ghost rid the Bentley coupe
Have you seen it?
Man said he wants me dead, Did he mean it
Had a likkle mess on his head so I cleaned it
Had likkle S on his chest so I caved it in
Couple reh teh blares when I'm partying
Bare yak bare cheese no Bacardi ting
Bare tugz no scuzz in my army king
A ting whispered in my ear can I push it in
I told her fall back babes I want your bredrin
I told her fall back babes I'm on a next ting
I wanna feel alive right now your a dead ting
You see that ting right there up in the red ting
Tell her no ping ping not text ting
Showdown in my room straight western
I should go down in the books as the hardest
Done with the road man stuff man a artist
Go get my mix CD from the market
Check my Videos out and if you don't like it
Do like the rest of them do and just type it
Make sure you leave your name fam don't hide it
n***as hating on the kid like John terry
Same time I be sipping on Dom Peri
Like they really never know bout my big semi
Like they really never no that my tings heavy
They don't really wanna war fam I been ready

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