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Ac Mainz - Letter To My Fans lyrics

[Verse1 :Skrapz]
I been through it all
Last couple years I ain't been around I was stuck behind a prison wall
It was always on the cards I'm a criminal
But I was just about to blow pinnacle
But my plans never go to plan
Fall back for a minute I shoulda listen to my right hand
Cah he was telling me I'm hot and I was telling him I'm not
Same time I was getting followed by the cops
They was on the kid hard
I left my bimma at yard I switched cars I was tryna be smart
They was on the kid hard tryna tear me apart
Phone tap swear they even put a bug in my yard
I was struggling to think straight
Still breaking down cakes no breaks saying f** jakes
I was switching up my whips I was still bait
In out the booth tryna finish of my mixtape
I was on the roads feeling like a prisoner
Had me under pressure I was ringing my solicitor
I said the jakes on my case tell me what you reckon
She said they probably tryna catch you with the murder weapon
I was like for real? she was like FOR REAL
Then she said your kinda hot so you better chill
I told her right now I'm tryna get record deal
Trident tryna catch me for body that I didn't k**
I'm the whip right hand on the steering wheel
I'm about to clean out my spots like Clearasil
I kept the food in the trap to a minimal
Took the weed out left the works individual
(BOOM) They had a n***a moving digital
I shoulda never left the whites in the trap I shoulda hit it all
My right hand kept telling me you never listen
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I got wrapped with my d** and my ammunition
Now I'm sitting on the bus on my way to prison
I was meant to be a star on the television
Got me staring at the clouds tryna gather my thoughts
I ain't gonna see the roads till I'm going to court
But is's nuttin' really if they came for me a couple days earlier coulda been a suttum nearly
You already know I always keep the suttum near me
Riding round with a mask Jim Carey
Sitting on remand couple months pa**ed
Got a no further action on the M charge
n******gs might see me smile but my life's hard
Feds tryna take me out the game like a red card
But the streets built me
Didn't bother fight the case told barrister it's long lemme plead guilty
I was smiling in the dock when I got my sentence
Told the judge that I was sorry but It never meant it
I blew a kiss to my baby mother
Told my mother that I lover her I was pissed that I couldn't hug her
See Jermaine yo that n******gs like my bigger brother
He was in the court too hold tight scuffa
Back to my core cell no cell mate puffing on the burn calculating my release date
This jail house ting wasn't in the program
Now i gotta sit back and switch up my game plan
Couple years went past now I'm back home
Stacks kinda low so I'm tryna make my stack grow
Where I'm gonna end up only god knows
All I know is life's too short snub nose
(BOOM) life's short like a snub nose
And Where I'm gonna end up only god knows
I'm just tryna stick around to watch my daughters grow
n******gs ain't f**ing with me I got the water flow
And I'm back part 2
What these n******gs gonna do
It's shutdown season I just wanna thank god that I'm breathing

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