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Ac Mainz - Iron Mike lyrics


They got me feeling like I (I, I) dunno something like Iron Mike
I'm higher than kite on a satellite ting
These other motherfuckers they ain't rappin right
They should all just stop like a traffic light ting

I city boys got the braggin rights
We're the hardest in the streets motherfuck the hype ting
And most my niggas couldn't give a fuck about rap
Even though we know were nice were just always in the trap

There ain't no one like us ill start shittin' on the game and make no one like us
And i dont follow rules and regulations and if your with me i love that
Let me see your lighters, i came into the game moving like a virus
Everybody's on my nuts now no suprises

I got more than a couple bruddas in the cage but i know that all my niggas are good, the whole of them survivors

Most my niggas riders, most my niggas on the roads couple 9 to fivers
Gotta mind the way we move cah were known to Trident
I'm a man that loves to excersise my right to silenence
You're the type to start to panic at the sight of violence

Im a man thats always gotta have my own appliance
And i always ask God for guidance
Got the power that can kill a giant, David and Goliath

Im biggin up the tryers

From the niggas selling stones to the main suppliers
All the women working hard through the day and then the night taking care of the kids, even when theyre tired
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This games got me feeling like ive been required
Im like a dragon always spittin fire
And i dont listen to them other niggas raps man them man are liars

Them niggas been washed fling them in the dryer
Small fries put them in the fryer
Bitches selling niggas dreams but im not a buyer
I'm in some 5 star black attire
Its the kid that makes you wanna turn your volume up a little higher

I heard a brother callin me the game changer
Lock your girl in the house cause i might take her
Pace maker make paper
Got these niggas hiding under tables like im a earthquaker

Die shaker, I birth haters
I hate traitors, shoot pagens

Wanna put them niggas in a brown box like a pair of new trainers
Im too dangerous
Give a fuck about famous
I dont think theyll ever put a nigga on a playlist

I dont know i can't explain it

When the radios on I always change it
Then i change it, then i change it
Fuck that i can't listen to this fake shit
Man are A list, other niggas just basic
And round here they wouldn't make it

I am not the one you wanna play with
Get guns in the basement leave a nigga on the pavement!

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