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Ac G - Monkey Business lyrics

Verse 1:
Shuffling my feet
Down the street
Bumps and boozehounds
Increase by leaps and bounds

By getting closer
To the dealers fairground
Sold dreams
Going up in steam

Verse 2:
Down to the mart
Walls tear my view apart
With blinding lights
To the left and right

Easy pleasure
Without measure
Cleaning the wallet
And tearing my soul
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Chorus 1:
Another monkey business
Leaving another big mess

Verse 3:
Rigid statues
Kissed by no muse
Painting pictures
Of habits, a must have

Won't you sell your ideal
Ideals never come real
But there's an easier way
Stop, take and pay

Chorus 2:
Another monkey business
Leaving a hole in the heart
Another monkey business

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