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Ac G - Ed Wood lyrics

Verse 1:
I was watching TV
When the sun was setting
A trick Sshooting
With Kenne Duncan
Was it Glen or Glenda
The crossroad Avenger
Doing the adventures
Of the Tucson Kid
I strap on my boots
Outside another Jail Bait's waiting
A Bride of the Monster she has been
And you'll face the Final Curtain
The night the Banshee cried

Do it like Ed would
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Ed wood, would do it good

Verse 2:
When you followed plan 9
From outer space
The night of the Ghouls did arise
The sinister urge
For an orgy of the dead
Excited me deep

Take It out In trade
And risk the only house
It feels like a kind of Necromania
Thats's why i woke up early
The day i died


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