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Aby Wolf - Si Sauvage lyrics

Gonna open the door
Gonna let you in
No mop your floor
But your Grandma sinned

I'm going to wear my mittens
You know they're made of fur
I'm gonna pet my kittens
And make 'em purr, purr, purr

A Si sauvage, I dig your (?)
Si sauvage

A do ya' like my hood
(?) shaven red
It's understood, I need you in your head

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(? I'm in your head, Si sauvage)

Yeah, baby
Si sauvage, I dig your claws
Si sauvage

Let me show you the way
(Si sauvage, si sauvage, si sauvage)

Oh what nice eyes you have
(? motherf**er)
Your teeth are so bright
Oh what an interesting record collection
(Your stupid)
Would you like to?
Oh my, what soft fur you have

(? si sauvage, si sauvage, si sauvage)

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