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Absynthe Minded - Mary's Hotel (Fire Sets In) lyrics

Fire sets in
My heartbeat is pounding
My blood it is boiling
I'm burning again
The pulse of her breathing
I'm going in (I'm going in)
I'm going out (I'm going out)
I care to find (I care to find)
My peace of mind
My peace of mind

In Mary's hotel
People don't care to find
Important answers
To tricky questions they might
Have their reasons
Have their own views in life
And I wanna
Go back there tonight
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In Mary's hotel
I was hit by surprise
I fell in love with
The girl I slept with that night
And I get visions
And I get warmed up each time
And I wanna
Go back there tonight

The night is still the best
Coat when you're undressed
Asleep in a warm nest
Awake on a platform
The best is yet to come
I'm ready for the storm
I'm longing for your love
While all is said and done
We're just having fun

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