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Absynthe Minded - Weekend in Bombay lyrics

The moment I stepped into the airport
Felt the heat everytime
The city's a world on its own , they say
Love it or leave it
But dissipate our beating

Heartbreak all the way to the horizon
Poverty is cussing to in his eyes
There's a pattern in this chaos, I can see
Do you know why the shadows always leave?

So the more I see, the more I understand
This ain't no culture shock individual development
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A d**h room, a d**h field, to my contempt
And I'll still meet you
I'm a travelled man

A nature k**s and it is loved
Like the sound of the horns of the taxis in Bombay
Get over here
A mutual errand noise polution
Life is just like that
They just don't get it

The more I see...
This ain't no culture...

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