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About A Mile - Oxygen lyrics

This year, we disappeared
Fell into all our fears
Can't seem to find the air
I'm suffocating
Our love turned to rust
It vanished like the dust
There's nothing left of us
I'm suffocating

Feels like drowning
Life without you is like trying to
Breathe underwater
I'm suffocating
So take me higher
I'm down on my knees, and I'm trying to
Breathe underwater
I need you
You are oxygen

Fix us, the mess I made
My heart is yours to save
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Breathe life into my veins
You are oxygen
The words that I can't say
When I shiver, you're the flame
When I thirst, you're the rain
You are oxygen

Shine down
Give me rain
Wash over all the pain
I'm calling out your name
You are oxygen

Everything I want
All I need and more
Everything I need
All I'm living for
Everything to me
The air I breathe is you

You are oxygen

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