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Abhorrance - Serial Murders In A Fibonacci Sequence lyrics

I can't stand the f**ing sound of your name
Triggering indignation
Marauding eyes defile innocence portrayed

Drop like a shot
At a loss for words
I cannot enjoy this atmosphere

Superficial minds cannot comprehend
The beauty of the insane
(f** you)
I'll never change for you
And I shall keep this shred dignity
(Usurper of my heart)

Put this gun to my head
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And paint this beautiful
f**ing portrait
With my abstract mind

I'll k** these worthless emotions
And you f**ing masqueraders
I'll pull the fires from the skies and burn the goddess

Vendetta ammunition
Fervent hatred
End neurotic animus

I will k** this worthless emotion called love
I want to f**ing k**

[Solo: Brandon]

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