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Abhishek - rest in peace lyrics

Verse 1 :-
There was a day when i was filled with
There was a time I had everything in my life
But now all of a sudden I lost everything
And now I have nothing to live for
I just wanna die
Chorus 1:-
It's the last day of my life
And I wanna Rest In Peace
Everything has been ruined
And I'm goin far from everyone
Yeah, Rest In Peace
Verse 2 :-
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Don't you dare show me your sympathy
It's only you who ruined my life
This is injustice to me
And that's what I know,yeah
Now I've nothing to live for
I just wanna die
And there's nothing you can do
Chorus 2:-
The darkness is ruling my life
And the heaven is calling me
It's time for me to Rest In Peace
My life has been ruined
And see now I'm goin too far from everyone
Yeah,Rest In Peace

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