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Aaron Unknown - Aaron Unknown #LiveTrax: SBTV lyrics

SBTV Live Trax big up Jamal Edwards big up Zion
Blessed environment, something different for everyone!
Bit of Saxophone, hm

You see musics my soul mate she goes wherever I go
Constantly flirting no mystery where the time goes
Two way relationship and I ain't trying to make it quick
She gives me energy to caress with a nice flow
But my minds blown..
Ever since I've discovered inner beauty I make love with a blindfold
Releasing my art through expression of the heart
She's the black canvas I decorate with my eyes closed
As time rolls my discovery of love is an abundance
Enabling me to rhyme cold, physically I'm young
Know that spiritually I'm quite old
Sick of seeing youts on the television suffering malnutrition
Or sitting in prison lacking wisdom, because of decisions only beneficial to the system
Putting up resistance
I saw the vision because my minds bold
And stared through the lies told
So now you see, unknown is more than just a movement in the making
My lifes changed let me express the movements I've been making
Because for money I was stressing but now that numbers a blessing
I'm shooting on location in tropical destinations
But it's on with a superficial arrangement
I'm just preaching how we've suffered through lack of communication
And I started from the bottom
With the key to success
I swear is seeing positive through a negative situation
And I'm hungry for progression so I'm careful what I say now
Blessed with a position to manipulate the game now
Bottom of the ladder without pennies for my days out
And flip side I'm travelling spontaneously
Plane bound
And so I had to take a second
To appreciate these blessings I've been given
Could've been the other way round
Coming from depression anxious for possessions
I learnt the biggest lesson this physical dimension is the playground
Blessings of adventure have opened up my eyes
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No longer sitting here wishing that I'd revised
For a test that was set based on academic strength
For my fate has been decided through reading between the lines
And now the journey is progressing, feeling a little wiser
But the wise man knows he knows nothing!
I've learnt to trust in my judgement
When journeying deeper into the mind see I'm a third-eye visionary
Guess painting pictures through the dictionary is my interpretation of signs
There's too much information, been filtering through the lies
And decryption, this devils catching up I'm trying to resist him
And even though I'm high on life
Still I struggle through the trouble and strife
But I've survived, my spirits revived
I've seen the light in the distance
This message is a blessing the majority of messengers are possessed
By the devil in disguise, see I'm divinely blessed in whenever I try to write bars
You see I ain't really trying, my energys defined to this devil he meddles
But I just slide past, I've always been a bright spark
Single parent had the role of two but still I'm focusing on the right path
Don't wanna see my mother crying
So I'm out day and night raising energy nobody is ahead of me
But I'm ahead of no one equality for the bright stars
I sense an in balance, as I'm always travelling this world with celebrities in their nice cars
There's a lot of brothers facing the elements
Faith is irrelevant when you're wondering if you might starve!
And so let me take it back to reality, for me I've got my sanity
Negative can be bypa**ed but it's hard
Because for the past 22 years I've devoted to battling my mind scars
And I'm a lover, I'm a lover, I've got love for my sisters and love for my brothers
But daily activity subsequently k**ing each other never mind the amount of
Pressure taken by our mother earth, we love material but need to find another worth
My third-eye is open so my soul is on another search, floating through the galaxies
Though on I'm on the catwalks and magazines I'm caught between a blessing and a f**ing curse

Why did it stop, was that the end of the beat?
What did you have more bars?
Yeah.. I thought the beat was much longer!
Carry on, just do.. carry on just carry on doing it keep going on!

Nowadays I'm happy as my own person, but these anxious surroundings making me so nervous
The extinction of species leaving my soul hurting
Plus every person is needy feeling their so worthless
But my woman she completes me and it's so perfect
They say imperfections a beauty but yet she's so perfect
I used to think I found my happiness through soul searching
But now I've found my satisfaction smelling your perfume

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