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A7PHA - KINGDOM lyrics

[Verse 1: Doseone]
Maybe by bagful of jackals
Necking a hug of rope
By sober trained cobra
Stoned with artisinal soap
Down here anything floats
Say the truth to the guts where memory chains them
You prove what you must, projecting balance on mayhem
And keeping it up all the toil and toothbrushing of dust
Off of giving a f** it must take
Yet choice is confined to life
A mistake your corpse won't make
I've got 99 problems
But my corpse got none
Let me stop your cadaver
Completely free of clock
d**h the only place
Capitalism is not
Look at you!
One palm tree free
Wild dial in the sea of rot
The tide taking grain by grain
Drop by drop
You forgot how far from the food chain you did drop
I got 99 problems but (inhales) let me stop
On your hand the candle
Let the [??] of wind get it
Who warned me of darkness
My [?] is sunset
[?] shout out
Stop to the lie!
[?] certain no fool gotta die
Conveyor belt to consume
Bonafide [???]
I'm guaranteed each day of perfecting my delicate mess
And fulfilled by the fact that I am k**ing my d**h
Yet rea**ured that hell ain't filled yet
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I play every single morning roulette
Dark Cloud
It's connected to the head
It's connected to the brains
It's connected to the chest
[Hit your?] whole body on a guess this is not a test
I repeat, this is not a corpse
It pitched no torch, it dripped, it scorched
This while it fought
[?] just that I don't care what you feel
As long as you feel something
Cadalack Ron Paul King!
[?] Valhalla heart, meet your mark, perfect shot, time
Let's go!

No no no, no no
It's all good, it's all good
OK, like, I don't know what to believe any more
Except, I don't believe anybody
I don't trust anybody

[Verse 2: Mestizo]
Now this is
Blood for blood shed
You come around [?] suspect must believe that I'm serving justice
Got consequence to come [?]
No backpedaling for once
Now what's that you say?
You have a [?] on your debt you've got cash to pay
Well happens that's a bad habit for a man to procrastinate
[????] you can catch a fade
If we can all unmask in this masquerade
Well hang 'em over telephone wires with a pair of [?]
Rest in power!

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