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A7PHA - HAND2HAND lyrics

(Ongoing work--a lot is missing)

[Verse 1: Mestizo]
Take a minute just to breathe in the necessity and feed on the freedoms of the dead
To see you shuffling your feet to the struggles of the street
Pieces of my heart bleeding and scattered across the universe
You're keeping it from orbiting across you as well as your earlier thirst for lawsuits
Till the law mutes
Getting [?]
Won't drop charges when you're in cahoots
Some lose their integrity as well as the will to live
When reality shuts their pity party down
Wishing they would stop picking on the cyst [?]
Skinny [?]
[?] knock 'em all down
Fightin' fiends [?]
[?] spirits interfere
Inferior, ain't a doubt
d**h of a [?] dancing with the devil

[Verse 2: Doseone]
Delicate, ugly, intelligent, violent
Eloquent, semi-hideous, selfish, hellish
Imperfect, raw
[?] it is
Wound like a sharp to the abdomen
Minimum absolute maximum
Hazardous Icarus Lazarus
Made in [?] abacus ladderless adequate accident hasn't it?
Made to be the [?] in your beautiful rift
I'm not suited to live only make more adequate whatever this is
Truths will have it when you do cue blackness
Like fast an entire cla** attacks fat kids
Grubs eat grandpa's guts through cracked caskets
That's how it is, will be and you has been
The lying, flatness, awful badness
And worthless rappers will always still happen

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[Bridge: Mestizo]
All the little girls go round the outside
Round the outside, round the outside
All the little girls stay round the outside
Round the outside, round the outside

[Verse 3: Both]
Seven-ton truck
Save the comma for ma dukes
Kindly interject when authority talk huge
Calmly shoot an arrow at the skulls that cross you

You off gutter. Get me? Not a-
-bout to debate or let go of your throat
Use you like bait in a man-made-moat
That I trowelled and dug with your jowels and mug
Like the white towel you're whippin' does
When we call you coward because--

We go bangin' rocks together makin' dangerous fire
Hangin' on the edge of [?] and [?]
Got that meteor shower sh**
Know how to roll a good time
Pack up that sad face in the truck
[?] travel to [?]

I waylaid and meleed the style [?]
Made a humane way to die
With a kind of weaponized pride
With a whimsical gymnast-y twist
I tip it and rip it, we gifted burden to curse
Hand-picked it they went berserk with it
Work like a pyramid, put it together
We sellin' murderous verdict to fatten whomever won
[?] come get a glimpse
Flame ripped swift from its wick

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