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A.V. Production - Blood Diamond lyrics

[Verse 1: Nottadam Will]
Out of nowhere, I be like mind of you business
I'm trynna get over my natural madness;
I'm trynna to make it, the way they can't reach us
I'm f**in' agressive,
I may be blessed
Guess my success is holy
Not interested in glory
Wanna be like the rap surgeon in Cali
Within' the respect tell me what is you're money ?
What is your money ? what is your money ?
Our history's rich we're wealthy with nothing
And haters from hating turns into Winnie
Like if I was covered with honey
Wanna grow up where only the d**h is growin'
Nobody survives besides only the lonely
Rappers be extolling it like if it was funny
They be F.C.V. singing my T-shirt is Fendi

[Hook: Nottadam Will]
f**in' Blood diamond, that's our only way out of all this jail or dying wild thing,
Our errors hide lessons, that's a lesson forgotten, so we took out weapons, and go to claim change
That's what the street claims, That's what we all say, N.W.M.I mitigate shades,

[Verse 2: Nottadam Will]
VIP to hell our life is a stereotype
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Under a hell lot of steroids,
Da only goal in life is to get our life back
Great Madiba may I be one of your type
I've seen us k**in' ourselves embittered
We ain't dreamt to be gangstas believe us
Nothin' to enhance, losing' faith in chance and den our f**in' greed make the rest of the dance

[Transition 1: Nottadam Will]
Don't think you can call me your n***a
I'm not the one you figure,
b**hes be lovin' the trip my music gave'em,
Real n***as keep f**in' and haters keep hatin'
Is that your b**h ? No matter, I'm Penetrating
They keep sayin' sh**, them balls keepin' dangling'
She said I'm her king and stroked my scepter,
Nottadam is a deep orgasm maker,
Orgasm doer,
I cut my cheese between her legs: hot knife through butter

[Transition 2: Nottadam Will]
I swam in the sh**, I'm gonna fly on the gold
They said black is black, no cure and no hope,
Always in the mood for gettin' baby-boom back
Fifty four questions, Nottadam conquerors for life

[Hook: Nottadam Will]

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