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A. Somms - Mona Lisa's Transformation lyrics

[Verse 1: A. Somms]

Split and O you get a bowl and a helmet
So y'all can eat your Wheaties and feel protected
It's like a game of dare and dare, getting dumber and dumber
We like to relate to the fair, she only come in the summer
Or we relate to the slayer, he's MR period Sommer
Like a pirate how she pillage and plunder
The rapper of chance, flip a coin, pop a pill, now we flutter
How we gonna break up now, acting like I just done her
The song ended, but we stayed the same
I mean I liked it, but sh**, I think I'll take the blame
I think I tried too hard from the start, my mind's drained
I think I'm thinking to much, but she got me thinking again (again)
Contemplating the gut, and what I already have
Need to fill up my cup, drink until I can't stand
Get Pinocchio nosed, I can not tell a lie on the stand
Pa** out, wake up, do it again

[Hook: A. Somms]

Never had the feeling (feeling)
Of not having the feeling (feeling)
A human being
But I found a way to lose the seamen (seamen)
It's obscene, I know
But to be true to yourself you gotta stop selling your common wealth, be honest
I might just be a bit unlucky I guess
I set you as the Holy Grail, reached unattainable, Yes!
But what do I do now
I stole the Mona Lisa for the image it had, without the knowledge how to keep it in mint
So it sits in apartment complex storage section. Dust collection on it
Think about the times that we had
This complexity, it's something knew to me
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How can we find a way to relay ingenuity?
This complexity, it's something new to me
How can I find a way to relay ingenuity, tell me for real
I said tell me for real
This complexity, it's something new to me
How can I find a way to relay ingenuity, tell me for real

[Verse 2: A. Somms]

Open your eyes so the sky can catch a glipe
Maybe your God will turn around and end the sh** that exist
It's all clogged in the pluming
Na-Na-Na-Now it's all the same
Your sh**, my sh**
"You b**h"
Call me "Insane"
Well my membrane is still intact
There's a fork in the road
You're taking the right, I'm taking the left
Let me rewind, remaster, pick a part, here her laughter
Volleyballer, oh your daughter?
Crazy curator, but I call her
Not! the way you're thinking
Didn't text her this weekend
Couldn't find a way to talk to her without spreading my feelings
Swimming in a sea, you see what's under me
Geez I need a floaty please
I sunk the USS relation that ship wasn't for me
You see injustice where my liberty lie
This life cycles just a circle of life we abide
Mona Lisa was stolen and found
But now she's wearing a frown
This crown put on my head, Cuz I'm the king of demise


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