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A. Somms - Feedback lyrics

They try to knock me down
But they will never phase me
So I
Hit 'em with the feedback (3x)
Finna take this place by storm
Even if they try to chase me
Cuz I
Hit 'em with the feedback (3x)
Chilling with the baddest b**h
Cuz I'm forever rich
Y'all just standing there on the side looking at my magic stick
I'm making positive energy causing all the static
So I
Hit 'em with the feedback (3x)

[Verse 1]
Hit 'em with the left hook
Hit 'em with the right hook
Knock a mother f**er out, leave him on the bench shook
I'm playing games with you
Labyrinths filled with plato pools
Bowie had an acid trip so Chancelor made an appearance too
Like Bino, Gilardino, flopping in the box, quick
Rocking on her coccyx
Yet I still rep my team though
Y'all wanna hear a banger from me!?
Well I bang, bang f** them up, k** her with the deep throat!
Fill her with the cream gold
Miller of the greens doe
Sweeney Todd a mother f**er, making beef patties
"That's gross!"
Well, that's just how I roll
Got various flows
With a pen made of gold
k**ers come and go
But I'm a murderous fiend
Yes, I mean to intervene the scene, got my face
In between the door that I spilt down
Like the Shining, get it all on the screen
Reminiscing, of the time that I spazzed on spazz
From a calf, Imma be a wildebeest
Now my mind is focused on rap
Not even rap
All the music and the culture and that
Or at least
Or at the moment
I might tweak
I'm having a moment!
Gotta cool down for a minute
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I mean even Kilmer the Filmer didn't feel it
I thought I spit the illest of lines
But he only had room for piano b**hes
On yeah f** that, f** that
I give them new crack like Breaking Bad
Make them all lay back a Sunday day for the Pack
But you're out of the area all you get is the feedback!


[Verse 2]
I like to rap a lot, I'm a chatter box
Chariot ride to the top, Hold up
Where you be at!?
Schizophrenia talk
I like to eat up my dust, The only one that I trust
You can't have any!
Cover up my trails
The built in instinct in me
An Eagle always prevails
I'm pale, never needed a bail
You stuck at sea, with a boat with a leak
Now what do you need?
Cars, cloths, gla**es
That ratchet with the biggest a** and I bet
You want to be the biggest rapper alive hahaha
Pardon me I had to laugh at this, I'm an emancipist
At least I got it in my blood line
Separated from the fakes, replace the greats intake in due time
Feel held back, got a locomotive mind, cuz my
Thoughts are getting real real loud
Finna write a rap and make them real real proud
Trick her treat like a fiend, but I'm real real lean
Halloween, Charlie Sheen, now I'm real real mean
Take a chill pill Alec
Riding around with magic
Take a chance on that mattress
She be waiting round like an actress
So lights, camera, and...
Well f** it already I need bands
Gimme a couple milly in a box locked, no cops, clean cash
So I can open it up, and get jiggy with it
Throw it up in the air, and get pretty women
Then I can move to the Chi, the real city living
But why would I want that when I could live the life of a real artist
I'm a real arson, Y'all fear Martians, I'm here barking
With no competition at all
So who the hell is trynna make me fall?


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