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A//Political - Sickness lyrics

This was your world. The one that you made
Your callousness your sick minds that pervert our lives
Your economic schemes and cult of blood money that has stolen our future
Any excuse to prop up power mongering states was support by your world
Feeding the population lies and glorifications of nation pride and mindless patriotism
Indoctrination for a slow d**h in a sweatshop or a brutal one on the battlefield
Either way our blood has for centuries oiled the machinery of capitalism
We have died for the cause of the rich believing in our hearts that they were ours
Given lower wages and more hours on the floor in times of war, all for the cause
But it was our children dying in the trenches, it was out sweat that lines their pockets
This was your world
Your quiet stoicism to our tears
Your cold glances at out poverty
And your sickening grins at our demise
Now, we reject this farce
We will no longer be actors on your stage
The stories you write will no longer portray
We will reclaim the fields and factories
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The means of production will be ours
No longer divisions, mutual aid and support not competition for capital
No longer economic slavery
We will reclaim the schools and hospitals
Our education and health will be in our own hands
Your lies will not pollute our minds
And your profit will not be extracted out of our sickness
We will realize our potential and our lives
We will reclaim our families and relationships
Our love will come from our hearts and not your morals
Our emotions, true emotions will rule
We will learn to love again
No longer condemned to your will
No longer puppets
You will no longer control out fortune
You will not rule any longer
This sick sh** will end and finally
Finally we will be f*cking alive

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