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A//Political - A.P.F. lyrics

Seventy nine, eighty a movement was born
Full of spite, frustration, and scorn
Labeled as peace punx the anarchists brought rage
To a sold out rebellion raising punk to it's next stage
Revolutionary words, music, and action
Taking to the streets, destroying the factions
The music biz bastards saw money to be sought
But the Anarchy and peace couldn't be brought
Called on their sh** they proved their point, but
Rumors and gossip began taking it's course
As pedestals crashed the movement lost faith
So the battle continued with it's next source
Thousands rioted as the movement surged forth
Hurling changes of brutality and truth
Enough is enough they howled and they hissed
Unruly street punks fought mind and fist
Nihilist attitudes, anger and rage
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Governed their pa**ion and turned the next page
Over and over again accusations wage
Viruses planted, self destruct engaged
Even them within the rumors took their toll
No one knew who but another's faith was sold
But the flight never died
Least of all our dreams
Even more than before the
Fight still remains
Organize now to continue the battle
Revolution is thought and action as one
Crush the boundaries, live by example
Evolve together our times has begun!
Pile on the pressure
Fulfill your dreams
Fight Back or F*ck Off!

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