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A//Political - Parental Love lyrics

Children are considered mere property of their parents
A possession which they are free to treat as they wish
The power relationship between parent and child
Is often reinforced by violence whether it is physical or emotional
Children must know their place, they must be taught
That they are subservient to their parents' wishes
This is the first brutal step in the socialization process
Which teaches us all to become willing victims of exploitation
The first lessons of tyranny and oppression are learned in the home
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The authority of the parent manifests itself in a**ault
The tradition of violence continues one generation after another with pathetic
Justifications such as, "I was spanked, and I turned out fine, so I'll spank my kid."
The cycle of violence must end somewhere
We must take the first step to not enforce the power relations
Between ourselves and others
We must speak out against violence between parent and child
We must show other that their violence will not be tolerated
How can we create a world of equality when we adhere to the power relationships
That have oppressed us in the past?

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