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A.Nunn - Vanilla Fortress lyrics

[Verse 1]
Find the fortress if you feeling fortunate
Open up the doors, now you in that water
Dodge the fish, dodge the turtles
And them spikes that's turning circles
That's just there to hurt or torture
I'm just here to report, but more to
Swim with the sharks and swim with orcas
9 blade please, and pa** the forceps
To open up the beat
How'd you know i was a geek?
Who else you know could take a 1990 video game boss level and make it track 3?

[Instrumental Break]

[Verse 2]
I was going off, i had to switch it up
I shot in the arm, that's a "pick me up"
A shot in the dark like "Stick me up"
I OD'd got juice in my sippy cup
b**h and moan and piss and cuss
But do not test these fisticuffs
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That's an uphill battle like Sisyphus
And Kriss Kross, should have never missed that bus
And I should have never tried to love and praise her
I'm good with practice, Naughty by Nature
Blood of Christ, savor the flavor
Eucharist dog, gotta savor the savior
Ma, I know you wanted a Dentist
But this music gets so relentless
It cuts, infests, and then it festers
Defy your senses, die of sepsis
One less b**h a** on your census
Take your soul and take your essence
Take your cookies and take your pretzels
Take your Zelda and take your Princess
This my castle, moat and sentries
Dragons guard the only entry
Chances are you haven't met me
Full head of steam cause my heart is empty
I'm not a rapper I am an M.C
From 'round Uptown G,A,M,E
They only want me cause they can't get me

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