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A.Nunn - Dragon's Blood lyrics

[Intro: Game of Thrones (Doreah)]
Your grace, they call you the last dragon, you have dragon's blood in your veins

9-5 on the street, it looks like smoke
Fire-water, fire-breather, getting fire throat
Dragon-hearted Dovakiin with a heart of stone
We call it home, Oblivion, or New Orleans
This a DOOM beat, I'm a M'er F'er
Let my Thu'um speak, raise the barometric pressure
Shout to Metal Fingers, he's the architect
Here go my middle finger, that's from the cardiac
Back to the Nunn style, I jump through the turn-style, the boy about to run wild
A mad scientist, making these human centipedes
Only a slave to whats trending over their Twitter feed
I'm the man in the basket, hidden between the reeds, with a magic staff, two tablets, and a burning tree
I do this like i did it, fifty-four hundred years ago chiseled in hieroglyphics
You can say I've been here before, ex-tending my visit
Wearing out of my welcome and pushing it to the limit
Cla**y a** motherf**er, one hell of a cynic
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They saying i spit fire, that's one hell of a gimmick
Flexing all of my muscles, no ingestion of spinach
Hexing all of you busters, you not witches or wizards
You not witches or wizards
You not witches or wizards
sh**, its Deja Vu, the Matrix is fixing glitches
I don't think that i'll be here for long
But while i am, i might as well have me a free for all
Me and all my favorite lady friends in the dancing hall, that we call the dancing closet before i pa** along
I ain't start the fire, David Ha**elhoff
But I write about it, Issac Asimov
Stars, quasars, antimatter, and positrons
Gun fire, screeching tires, and car alarms
On the acropolis in the Parthenon
I need Athena, y'all n***as could have them octomoms
I'm geeking out on the beats, they calling me Comic Con
In Abbottabad, you getting Barack Obama'd on

[Outro: Skyrim (Alduin)]
"Meyye! Tahrodiis aanne! Him hinde pah liiv! Zu'u hin daan!"

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