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A.Nunn - Warning lyrics

Who the f** is this?
I'm on the beat like my first name is Chris
Blood, Sweat, and ink stained on my fingertips
I think I need to quit
5:46...I think I need to split
I stopped rapping 3 times, there was no point
I take it to another level at my low points
I f**s with 'Circles and Squares', 4 points
And treat love like tennis, No point
Excuse my repeatin, I promise I'm not a cretin
I'm lookin for a polysci major for the weekend
She can even be republican
Minority leader, I'm knockin then I'm coming in
You can keep them housewives of the O.C
I need a Hilary Clinton or a Pelosi
This is New Orleans my n***a, we live below sea
We hurricane on Bourbon and then we blow trees
I'm still rapping for free, this sh** stupid
I'm bout to die from this beat, it's so humid

[Notorious B.I.G]
Damn, n***as wanna stick me for my paper (repeat 4x)

There's no button for the reset
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And Living Social got me in The Inner Recess
Drink when I'm happy, write when I'm depressed
A.Nunn, but nothing like a priestess
That's wordplay with my surname
And now the southern dialect, I could do this erday
Chilling with a Becky and she tell me she from Burbank
Or somewhere, I don't really care
Beard long, but top of the dome's hairless
French city, we're like them n***as in Paris
We slowly getting careless
With no cla**
Buehler, Ferris
Give me an advance I'll take that sh** to Harrahs
Then blow it all...terrorist
But I ain't here to drop bombs, it's John Allen Mohammed, Lee Harvey Oswald
I'm a championship 6 shooter like BronBron
Copy writing my own style, Gangnam
Ready to Die on the instrumental, swan song
Your girlfriend, her legs open, Nom Noms
That boy is off his rocker
I'm playing soccer on Taaka Vodka and lobster
Head of the cla**, professor, doctor, or proctor
Rabi, sensei, anybody et alia
Play me twice, then call me in the morning
Something Old, Something New
This the Warning

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