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A.Nunn - The People lyrics

This is for the street ra-di-o, them unsung heroes
That tell me "dumb it down, you gotta broaden your appeal"
I'm talking hydronium homie, H3O
Speaking weird languages, C3PO
Love all these women but really prefer creole
Or them Latin mami's m, m, m...dios mio
People got faith like Morpheus did Neo
In New Orleans carnival, but shouts out to Rio
Catfish with that...T,A,B,A,S,C,O
Don't get it twisted no Manti, Teo
Geppetto flow so I'm sonnin' Pinnochio
Mi, Mi, Mi...unbeatable trio
Rhymes like weight, and I'm moving it by the kilo
Got my eyes blind-folded, I'm doing it by the feel
Dominating genes with recessive alleles
Y'all doing it big? Well it Shaquille
Like, "Tell me how my a** tastes"
Only way that you're ahead, I'm lapping you in last place
A 'Nice guy?' must be thinking 'bout my past
Now a coronated, instigator speeding to my last days
Got the d**h wish of a martyr
I'm taking my father's place at the feet of the father
Hear it in my words you can see it in my aura
Because the CCTV is looping all of the horror
Bible, Quran, Harry Potter, and the Torah
Say you lucky if you die young, better if you poorer
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Good die young, I'm guessing Adam is immortal
Horcrux flow, 7 souls, 7 portals
7 deadly sins I'm exploring
I can count 5 in this recording
Girl you look like Halle Berry, Swordfish
Skip the courtship
And let's move into the bedroom portion
Film it, then we move it to the Redtube portion
I'm just kidding...unless you wanna do it
No... I'm just playing dont let me pressure you into it
Cuz I could just always Paul Ruebens (Ha!)
Sike! No Pee Wee
Joey, Rachel, or Phoebe
Only got family, only got family
Third time's a charm dawg, only got family
Not rappin for a Benz
I'm rappin for the Camry
If you in that inner circle then you understand me
Cuz I don't think I f** a lot
I just think I'm antsy
And I don't like your girl that much, I just think she nasty
And I think I'ma stop right there, just to keep it cla**y
Home-ward Bound... Chance, Shadow, and Sa**y
Unmask n***as, Freddie, Velma, & Daphne
A legend in the 27 club in a few weeks
So if you need my autograph now, better ask me

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