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A.Nunn - Jasmine Blossoms lyrics

Anita Baker, Sweet Love, don't worry about me girl, I've been doing (Super)
I been k**ing instrumentals, and ripping beats up
They use to call me Mario, but now they call me (Super)
Damn Nunn, How you doing this?
I'm working on the 107 octane (Super)

Back like a bad habit, f**s like a jack rabbit
A.Nunn, A1, professor of the Dark Arts and of Black Magic
In the Cla** A Team full of crack addicts
Long as la** 18, I'ma crack at it
I'm getting greedy with that snatch, I'm a fat bastard
And the biggest loser, I'm the last standing
Running game so hard I'm an asthmatic
This is all-purpose clean homie, Fantastik
Who you think is better than me? That's something you can't answer
I been getting in the bottle
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I'm looking for the Fountain of Youth and El Dorado
Found it in the grotto
Playing with her heart strings, pizzicato
Play my father's birthday, hoping to hit the lotto
Oh, It's so hollow, my chest cavity
Understanding the gravity of
Living life without a heartbeat
Looking forward to the end, beginning of a short week
This isn't beef, this is European horse meat
I'm in the dimes and you only in the 4-3
My life's insanity homie, I need some more sheets
You playing fantasy homie, you check the score sheet
Something Old, Something Newer
I'm going Back to the Future n***a I'm so (Super)
Like Bruce Willy in Looper
I'm in the building, also I am the (Super)
My home is where the dome is, it's not the Alamo n***a this is the (Super)

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