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A Life Divided - I Am God lyrics

Never be enough
Ain't gonna see the true man's face
Behind the lies of this machinery
Won't give up I'm so fed up and f**ed
They all try to s** my power empty

I won't move, I can't move
I can't get out of your way
I don't believe that I'm the reason of anxieties
You fake, you won't break another face
Kicking it up to the max I'll come around today

Never be enough true to the game
You're playing every day
No matter what this time will bring
I can't sink to the point you lead me astray
So did you get it I'm over you
Through with you, done with you
I can bear my cross without you too
Don't apologize for being a fake
Love is so much bigger than hate

I am wise
I am god
I am just
Everything you want
I'm so high
The only one
I am just
Everything you want

Gotta be so tough to be
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Not caught in the middle of myself
And I just can't find peace I'm attacked
And released
Second after second and day by day

I won't leave, I can't leave
I'm your dope I'm your hope
I'm your kick
And you will never get enough of it
Purify your light inside
It's time to open up your mind
For some more lies

Hold on, hold on
Could you lend me your ear
All I wanted was to justify my inner fear
I crushed the doors to build a fort
For everything I loved
Or just for nothing at all?

Time goes by
Takes me on a ride
Life goes by
Makes me hide inside
Corrupt my eyes
So I can't see the lie
Take away my guide

I try to breathe
It's k**ing me
I feel the breeze
It's k**ing me

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