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A Life Divided - On The Edge lyrics

No, I can't feel you
'Cause I can't feel nothing at all
And I can't see you
I keep starring at the wall
And I don't dream of you
'Cause everytime I did
I couldn't get you out of my head
I don't believe you
'Cause every word you say is wrong
How can I leave you
When you already gone
I'd like to feel you
But everytime I try
I lose myself inside your light

Look at me, I can't feel
Watch me bleed, I can't feel

Here on the edge
I can't feel, I can't feel
Here on the edge
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I can't feel, I can't feel

No, I can't hold you
'Cause my soul is cold as ice
Haven't I told you
That I'm freezing from inside
How could I love you
When everything that's left
Is just another selfish lie
I wanna lose you
But you keep spinning in my mind
I wanna k** you
But whatever I do you stay alive
I walk away from you
But with every little step
I just go further back in time

I'm falling my way to the ground
I'm trying to stop
Spread my wings but I'm lost
I'm falling away from a life
That I could never love

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