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A Life Divided - Heart On Fire lyrics

I don't wanna talk
When you don't hear me
I don't wanna love
If you can't feel it
And I don't wanna smile
When you are laughing about me
And I don't wanna die,
When you don't care at all.
Do you care at all?

I set your heart on fire
I'll do what I can
To be more than I am for you
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I don't wanna call
When you're not listening
I don't wanna crawl
If you're not watching
And I don't wanna fly
When you ain't coming with me
And I don't wanna die
When you don't care at all
Do you care at all?

For some reasons it's not how it's supposed to be
Feels like searching for the way in a one way street
God given but a devils mistake
I'll be your slave if you just let me stay

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