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A Life Divided - The Ordinary lyrics

it gets me down just a little back too deep
I got two in the middle but I ain't free
don't count on me, doubt for me
and I'll give you a little piece of my own peace

I'm not around when you think you would need me
on the run when you please me to be
come stay with me, I gotta leave
the race is on I better get up on my feet

I let you down once again my head is weak
I got no spine so my back breaks every week
I cannot be the one to be
can't fight the devil in my mind it's my defeat

am I allowed to say whatever it means to me?
am I alright when everything is so obscene?
don't count on me, doubt for me
with a blink of an eye I'm off the scene
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what you see in me
is nothing but a wishful dream
I'm less than what you thought of me
I'm the ordinary
what's inside of me
is average variety
there's nothing to descry in me
I am the ordinary

once again I left you incomplete
so afraid to stay here endlessly
don't dare to see inside of me
you might get scared if you take a look too deep

I'm on my way to final misery
still can't help myself I'm far too weak
I'm not what I'm supposed to be
at least not the way you wanted me

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