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A Life Divided - Leaving lyrics

I cannot stand this feeling
I'm bored of life
is someone there to lead me
to where I'd like
I don't dare to fly
the same old damned air tonight
seeking the door to another side
day in sight
clouds collide

being the average son of anyone
I'm fleeing
all the time I'm on the run
keep the light
only for a while
I'm freezing
I count the days as they pa** by
feeding my narrow mind with lullabies
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nothing's right
I'm too scared to fly

days shine brighter
still not wiser
keep on breaking
hell's awaiting
home's on fire
shut your lighter
please don't walk away

all these trials seem to waste my time
dreaming the story will end up quite right
so lost in lies
I'm feeling
that I couldn't go on otherwise
fading in this city of weary minds
nothing's right
I don't care to fly

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