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A Kidnap In Color - Miss Scarlet, In The Ballroom, With The Revolver lyrics

(feat. Justin Pence of 2*Sweet)

She fills out this room better than anyone ever could
Shes a looker and she knows it like you knew she would
Shes a s**er for a dance song, hes a s**er for her
For the damsel in this dress distress is of no concern
Now the music sets the mood and the lighting is just right
The proposition for this dance still stands the last one of the night

Did you really think shed let you go?
Shes the devil in a red dress
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And thats all you need to know

She blows a kiss across the room she says its all in the wine
He never saw it coming now hes running out of time
Shes packing heat against her skin if you know what i mean
Fleeing the scene accused of murder in the first degree

I'm on my best dressed to impress smooth talking behavior
She came equipped with those lips and looks that god gave her
I know i shouldn't be talking her into my bed
But theres still the slightest chance that i won't wake up dead

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