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A. Joy - Nothing Major lyrics

Yeah, I said show me something that's different girl
Or take your a** back to the kitchen girl
And latley i've been thinking 'bout it all
You either on the phone or your staying on the ball
Muhf**a better act right man when I come again
b**h you better run, better tell your friends
I had to tell her focus on the business
You finna get blunted then you finna get this penis
I don't really give a damn when a playa gota speak
f** it i've been gone i've been zoning for week
f** it i've been wrong ain't no lying to myself
But I think that's just a step when you tryna reach the peak
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Oh well they should know it
And if they don't, then tell em
I got a homie that's a preacher and another a felon
I got another selling d** tryna break the curse
So I ain't lying when I tell you that this sh**'s diverse
I said that's crazy muf**a
Yeah I said that's crazy muhf**a
Yeah, I said my grams said you cuss too much you needa stop
But until then i'm driving in a drop top benz with some crazy muf**as
Oooh, I said we're crazy muhf**a
Yeah, rip 101
Yeah rip 101
Uh what's up

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