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A. Joy - FriENDs (Chapter 3/Dedicated To You) lyrics

Friends turn to enemies
Brothers turn to nothin'
Sisters don't love ya
Man I should of seen it comin'

[Verse 1]:
What up, J.I.?
It's been a while since we talked
I remember last September where we walked
In front of the school
We was those two dudes
That were brothers
Nothin' could get in between us
Do you remember too?
I doubt it but hope that
You think about it
We were top of cla**es
Cool kids didn't wanna be around us
I thought our type of friendship would forever last
Plus everybody branded us the outcasts
We met each other back in elementary school
It was back in band cla**
I thought you were really cool..
We ended up callin' each other family
6 years of being homies I was really happy
But 10th grade came
And the picture changed
I met my first love and you started to run
Out of the frame
You found a different group
But thats cool
I'll never forget you or name
Or the things we used to do, uh


[Verse 2]:
Ayyyyy it's bubba J
I heard things going ya way
Getting sworn into the army soon
Homie that's great
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I would be lyin' if i said I wasn't worried
Kinda early, seemed like you got outta'
High school in a hurry huh?
Remember back in Boys & Girls Club?
I gave you pokemon cards and said wa**up
Who knew that we'd be brothers?
I called you my brother
Cause that's the love that I have for ya
Or had for ya
Either way you wanna put it
Your decision
I've been living for a minute
So I get the message
But you can't spell friend
Without the end in it
And I guess you just help the definition


[Verse 3]:
It's the homegirl J.M.,
What's happenin' love?
I hope one day ya find ya true love
I know you searching for it
But, you in high school
It isn't that important
But you been learning
Pick out ya dream and go for it
I used to always give you advice
I know I'm young but I learned alot in my life
And that's right
I think sometimes that you just cry in the night
And that's life
But I hope that it gets better despite
That I was replaced
It's safe to say
You picked me up, threw me away, it's ok
I'm used to it
Oh yeah, I'm used to it
Friends will always end and you just help prove it
Chagning that man I just can't do it, uh


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