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A. Joy - CHAPTER TWO: Bread lyrics

[Verse One]

Hanging out the window of my laboratory's temple
Earth was staring back at me: "What you tryna get into?
You a god?"
Well I don't know
That sound kinda odd
And if I take on his position scared He might take me tomorrow
So, I'ma play my position, positioned between me arms
Pumping this heart of carbon while fabricating these bars
Cuts in this arm section dissect cesarean scars
No longer s-suicidal but these wounds do stay ajar
Open sesame farms
Where cattle be extra large
And that'll be all gravy and sopping up extra carbs
And wash it down with some cable
This cleansing won't be too long
Swim in that small intestine a bit of Vitamin R
Now the science say we could be wrong
And doctors say to be (e)larmed
And the government say, "We sorry just poisoned your chicken parm"
So is this why I can't stay focused
Drugs and potions
Hocus pocus
And I just noticed they know I know this
Better keep your girl sedated
Better keep your man complacent
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Better pay your Sunday tithes
And get your crucifix adjacent
'Mazing Graces graciously gracing these gracious faces
Churches inside the projects
They shootin' in Pastor's office
Emcees be too dishonest
Liar, liar
New bananas-in-pajama-rhymers
Caught on fire
Rest in pieces
And I'm certain Heaven know me well
But they keep me far from Heaven's gate cause I do be cold as Hell
Don't feel yall female rappers' simple verses scratch-and-smells
I eat your crumby tapes and spit to show for show-and-tell
I hear yall calling me but I speak and I cc no evil
In my email
But a genius plot an a master plan for cloning cells
This that water
These them eggs inside your pot
This that yeast inside your oven
This that fire food for thought
This was your Facebook request
Though it's not seven-minute song
But you repeat three times
And it's four-hundred and twenty-five seconds long

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