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A. Gentry - Dunno lyrics

Pardo Bell fail but need no bailout
Got competition flailing in the water with pails out
Like, pair by pair I have them heaving and hoe-ing
Rowing my boat to the motion
To sail through tropical oceans
Got a burlap sack
Jewels and fine rubies in it
Popped a cap in a pirate captain
Stole a bunch of dubloons to get it
Sailed away on balloons and landed somewhere north of Cancun
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With cheddar leaking out of my pockets
Lettuce is the usual terminology
I taught you that, that's mad pedagogy
The jungle will k** you if all you know is Jumanji
Astronomy is hard if your main source is Zathura
And all 24-hour news networks are all f**ing evil don't watch them
Instead I recommend that you invest in your own satellite
And let it fly in the dead of night
(When no one's watching)
On the low, but it's not stalking
And keep a close eye on everyone and everything around you at all times, be safe

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