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A. Gentry - Blue & Black lyrics

I'm high strung 'cause i might get strung up
I see the rope round every corner
Any single sudden move I make can send me to the coroner
Or the slow ones or like any speed of motion i'm a goner
When i tell the people that I think trust me
They suspect I'm fibbin'
They act like they dont see what we sayin'
When you see some sh** they say ain't there it make you feel crazy
It's like they got something to gain by making everything hazy
My mom told me when I was young
If you run into a piggy what he say must get done
She reminded me at 15 and I'm now 21
And she still reminding me but she's not the only one
I see blood and guts on my timeline
Faces in anguish in hues just like mine
And the comment section got vitriol
Imma steer clear of every one of y'all
Imma log off cuz its not my job right
Y'all dont pay me or nothin'
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Nothing i say can persuade you enough
So I'm done
Y'all just gone get blocked or something
I don't need it
I don't need it

Don't let your comfort get in theg way of your humanity
Must be why im black and blue

Y'all make my grip on what's real loose
Say it's imagined but I promise I see real nooses
I see profit prisons I see wealth gaps i see cable news
I see proofs on proofs
But I don't think that you want to
Catch me fidgeting egregiously
Staying still is nothing but a dream to me
I'm a ball of bouncing knees and drumming fingers
It comes easily
I Poseidon weep
It's water works on Kleenex, collars, sleeves and leather seats

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