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A. Christian - What U Want (Intro) lyrics

[Verse 1]
Make moves, make moves, make moves
Break rules, break rules, break rules
Make sure everybody loves and hates you
Make it so they can't escape you
You know what "ohana" mean?
That mean "family"
You know what "Osama" mean?
That's what this is, the bomb, boy
Screaming "yup" in my white T until they give me my space like I'm Tom, boy
You n***as don't want it
Not like I want it, not like, not like I want it
I'm trying to run it like Chris Brown in '05
I'm trying to be the greatest, dead or alive
That's what the goal is
(Wait--did he just say that?) Yeah, I sure did
Now I'm moving at paces
And taking this sh** places further than basic
In order to reach it, you're going to need a spaceship, never complacent
Trying to give them the formula to piece it together
To the point where a lot of these n***as can't help but to play this
And we eating over here, dawg, eating over here
Don't be so quick to come up to me and ask where your plate is
If you look at my DMs, dawg, look at my DMs
Please do not XO along when you see that's where your bae is
Kind of got it going on, don't I?
f** up an instrumental, won't I? My n***a, don't lie
Bumping low-his, with my low eyes, oh my
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Got it busting like a .45, f** a cosign
People act like I just started k**ing these n***as recently
But really I been k**ing n***as the whole time
I don't give a f**, not even a little bit
Started with a dream, end up living it

Is this what you want?
Is this what you want?
Is this what you want?
Is this what you want?
[Verse 2]
I keep a low pro
And my brain working just fine
So I don't need a GoPro
I got a bunch of girls that be trying to kick it every day
But my crib ain't a dojo
I need everybody who ever hated on my in their life
To really hear the next line
Maybe l was everything you called me in another life
But better luck next time
I know you sick, thought I was done
Naw, this ain't it, I can't quit
I been knocked down, I got back up, I'm back up
Only reason I ever made this f**ing song is to show people going from basement to attic exist
And I mean, said it before, f** it I'mma say it again
Came here to win, yeah that's right I came here to win
Chris Tucker and money talks
Five words: is this what you want?

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