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A$AP Nast - f** Swag lyrics

Uh, swag swag swag swag swag
b**h, swag swag swag, uh

[Verse 1]
I been on a mission for a minute in my zone
Not concerned what all of these n***as actin like b**hes throwin salt
So, fact is like to say he livin' he ain't livin' it at all
I throw money at these b**hes in the minute that they call
Thats when i'll be up in they draws
Puttin' graffiti in the wall
p**y poppin on that hand-stand, after that she hit the floor
Rackin them dollars, get that dough
f** you think im ballin' for?, grabbin' my jacket,robber mask(?)
I got shoe-strings touchin' the floor, middle finger to that low
Grippin' my pistol, standin tall
Get my point across with words, dont make that cannon get involved
Cause if that cannon get involved, I can guarantee you piece
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Only a pillow and some sheets, cause you sleep
R.I.P, Rest in peace n***a
f** yo beef n***a, and we in these streets
Makin that dollar, rollin the weed
Windows down so b**hes can see
You rollin along?, come f** with some Gs
Roll with the best you ever seen
Never the less, you f**in with me
Cause I can keep sh** G b**h, uh
I be on some next level rebel sh**
f**ed yo b**h, and her friend
They just wanna get in the mix
Fightin these demons off, one of myself
Disguisin myself in these clothes, (?)
This is how we do it man, in the mothaf**in' east

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