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A$AP Nast - Like diamonds lyrics

[Intro:A.$.A.P Nast]
G-shock like diamonds yeah,yeah,yeah

[Verse 1: Lafaye]
Yeah I be over sh**
Dont hang on it
Cause thats like sober sh**
Never get love drunk cause yall get addicted
This b**h is such a waste of time
I dont know why I lifted
The convo
We be talking like all night I
Told this b**h thats cool
She said it was all right
For me to slip in to that dark chamber
I lost it she got lost and I think that changed her
I went home feeling fresh like a pimpcoat
I told you im a blimp
Take a drink of this pecote
Fell asleep
Next morning layed in...huh
Rolex on my wrist it said 10:30...what????
I'm on that early morning rush
Itching to get to the studio
Like early morning thrush
Went past the pawnbrokers saw a diamond watch
So I threw a few dow and looked like a boss
Boy,boy,boy I be dealing dope
Until my life changed and know I,m being dope
Only 14 blue cheese in my roll up
Chill in a Lac now you watch me roll up
Hold up boy

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[ Interlude: A$AP Nast]
Boy they be shining like diamonds
No violence just money
f** police principles
Yeah (x2)

[Verse 2: Lafaye]
Money,money,money falling in my dreams
Love like life its never like it seems
A bring a b**h home open at the seams
Long time lasting then I rolled some greens
Now boy thats balling and im still 14
Remember that number or can't you count
You said you got head but that doesn't count
Run the city like im dmc
You think you can rap but im a mc(im an mc)
Ho you doont know me
A couple grams in a blunt and a rollie
Rolex'mo s**'no checks just pure cheques
And im elite that the feeling you be feeling
Crack coke thats the sh** you be dealing
But im past those days no more high times just life rhymes
Old school right time to go to school and do some tight ryhmes
Yeah my boy be holla never knew him
Old school rolies and a dubi you know i'll blow them
And im picking the right one they be some ho them
All my haters are long gone
I never knew them

[Outro:A$AP Nast]
Gone (x8)

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